Ancestors of Ron and Shirley Baker

Disneyland and Other Fun Photos

January 2005
Bottom left to right: Jimmy Kirk, Frank Baker, Melinda Baker, Ron Baker
Standing left to right: Rainey, Mary, Darren Domek, Danny Domek, Aubree Baker, Dale Domek, Diane Baker Mattson, Douglas Baker, Valerie Domek Baker, Lucy Baker, Shirley Oligney Baker, Danny Domek, and Eldon Baker

Blue Bayou Restaurant, Disneyland, January 2005
Left to right: Darren Domek, Mary, Melinda and Eldon

California Screamin ride at Disney's California Adventure January 2005
From back row left to right: Lucy, Melinda, Jimmy Kirk, Rainey, Dale Domek, Ron, Danny Domek (son), Danny Domek, Eldon and Douglas

Malibu Boomer ride at Disney's California Adventure January 2005
From left to right: Danny Domek, Dale Domek, Melinda Baker and Eldon

Ron & Shirley in Disney's California Adventure January 2005

Left to right: Diane, Valerie, Ron, Sam, Melinda, Elaine and Jimmy
Photo taken at our Oktoberfest 2004 party (everyone is pretending to hold up a stein)

Photo of the Baker cousins taken at our Oktoberfest 2005 party

Bottom Row Left to right: Valerie, Betsy, Brittney (Betsy's Daughter), and Elaine
Top Row Left to Right: Dave, Diane, Ron, Tim (Jana's son), Jana and Wendy

Oktoberfest 2006, Deirdre, Jon, Shirley, Ron and Hannah

Oktoberfest 2007

Top Row Left to Right: Sam, Doug, Lucy, Quintel, Dave, Elaine
Second Row: Carole, Diane, Valerie
Third Row: Ron, Frank, Andrea, Shirley, Hannah
Bottom Row: Wesley, Becca, Deirdre, Jon, James

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