Frease Family

Lydia, Violet and possibly Richard Frease
Children of Stephen and Aurelia Pensotti Frease (My Grandmother is Voilet)
At one time we thought the boy to be Clifford, but a Frease cousin, Paul Cooper, advises
he is too old to be Clifford but may be Richard, whom we did not know about until recently

I was actually able to communicate with my great grandfather, Stephen Angelo FREASE, while he was alive through his then wife. Stephen was the son of Angelo FREASE, who was born in Mexico. They had several children besides Stephen. Stephen married Aurelia PENSOTTI somewhere in the Bay area around 1900. They had three children, Lydia (whom everyone called Winnie), Clifford, and Violet. There was some great problem in the home with Violet because she never spoke about her father. I asked her, and she declined. She got pregnant at 16 and left home. Stephen and Aurelia divorced. He is buried in small cemetery in Concord, California. His photo is below.

Frease Records

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Death Certificate of Jennie Frances STOCKING FREASE, 1870-1941. my GG Grandmother

Death Certificate of Stephen Angelo FREASE, 1891-1980. My Great Grandfather

Frease Photos

My Great Grandfather Stephen FREASE, son of Angelo and Jennie STOCKING FREASE

My Grandmother Violet FREASE PATE PIKE, daughter of Stephen and Aurelia PENSOTTI FREASE

Headstone of Stephen, Memory Gardens Cemetery, Concord CA

Headstone of Jennie STOCKING FREASE, 1870-1941, Shiloh Cemetery, Windsor California

Headstone of Byron & Florence FREASE MITCHELL, daughter of Angelo and Jennie STOCKING FREASE, Shiloh Cemetery, Windsor California. Also memorial for Byron and Florence's grandson, Eustace James BELLMAN, Jr.

Headstone of Lorena Dove MITCHELL, (not sure how she is related), Shiloh Cemetery, Windsor California

Headstone of Carmen MITCHELL RAINES, daughter of Byron & Florence FREASE MITCHELL, Shiloh Cemetery, Windsor California

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