Ancestors of Ron and Shirley Baker

Our Family Photos

Adults: Doug, Ron, Jimmy Oligney, Shirley, Lucy, James and Deirdre
Children: Hannah and Jonathan (Christmas 2005)

Douglas, Lucy and James, 1999

Douglas and Lucy, 2000

James*, Douglas and Lucy are the grandchildren of James and Floy BRANTLEY OLIGNEY and Frank & Jeanette PATE BAKER. They are the great grandchildren of Chester Veto & Hadgie SHEETS BRANTLEY; Joseph Lyle and Helen FUKA OLIGNEY; William & Hazel KATHER BAKER and Henry and Violet FREASE PATE

*James' biological fraternal grandmother is Gertrude SCHMID RICE.

James and his pretty bride Deirdre, 1998

Deirdre is the daughter of Donald and Andrea COWAN

James and Deirdre's daughter Hannah Noel

James and Deirdre's son Jonathan

Ron and Jon, Easter 2006

Hannah, Easter 2006

Jon Baptism 2006

Other Family Photos

Recent Trips to Disneyland and Other Fun Photos

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