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My Great Grandmother Aurelia PENSOTTI and her brother John (Jack) PENSOTTI, About 1891

I came to the knowledge that PENSOTTI is one of my family names just this year (2004). I know my mother spoke of them but it did not click with me. My great grandmother is Aurelia PENSOTTI FREASE. The 1910 Point Reyes, Marin County, CA Census shows Aurelia, 19, living with her parents Jacinto and Mary PENSOTTI and siblings, Emelio, John, daughter can't read name, Jacinta, Julia and Eva. The census is missing James (Jacinto). We wonder if the census was wrong in saying Jacinta was a daughter who was 14 instead of Jacinto a son who was 14?

Pensotti Records

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Death Certificate of Aurelia PENSOTTI FREASE WOTHERSPOON (1890-1966). My Great Grandmother

Pensotti Photos

Aurelia PENSOTTI FREASE and her brother John (Jack) PENSOTTI

James "Jacinto" PENSOTTI, brother of Aurelia and John (Jack) PENSOTTI

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