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The fascinating story of the ROSSINI family would make a great novel and a movie based on it. The strapping Italian romeo Carlo Rossini for some reason emigrated to Australia (New South Wales) where he met and married an Irish lass with flaming red hair, Mary Margaret Bohne. Perhaps around 1855? Likely they were servants of rich families and traveled in the same circles. They had 4 children while in Australia, and took the giant step of emigrating to California around 1866. Legend has it that my great grandmother, Katherine, was born as the ship made its way through the Golden Gate. The Rossinis lived in a number of places in California including San Francisco, Alameda County, and Santa Cruz County. I do not know where Carlo (Charles) is buried, but I know that Mary is buried in St. Mary’s Cemetery in Oakland.

Katherine ROSSINI met and married Edward KATHER some time around 1890 and had 3 children, Mervyn, Sterling and Hazel. Katherine was said to be a concert pianist. My father remembers going to her home and fooling with her grand piano, and her being very stern with him about that. She inherited red hair from her mother. I have but one picture of her but it is very very blurry. She divorced Edward KATHER and later married Adolph WOLHERS. Katherine and Adolph had 2 children, Dorothy and Lester. Katherine is buried with her mother and at least one sister at St. Mary’s. No stone is on the grave, but I hope to have one done soon.

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Death Certificate of Katherine ROSSINI KATHER WOHLERS (1866-1936). My great grandmother.

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